Jersey Nation

There's a hysterical article over at on the "Page 2" section about the wearing of sports jerseys by fans, in public. Patrick Hruby lays down some guidelines on when it's appropriate to wear a jersey, and by whom (read: never, and only by pro athletes) and although I do have a couple Seahawks jerseys and do wear them on game day, I do agree that they shouldn't be worn in public for most of the reasons Patrick mentions in the article.

But regardless how you personally feel about this fashion faux-paus, it's worth reading. Here's an excerpt:

Baseball managers wear game uniforms. Basketball coaches wear business suits. Football coaches once wore suits, but now dress like golfers. Golfers dress the way tennis players used to, before they started dressing like basketball players, cocktail waitresses and Catwoman. Catwoman's outfit isn't sparkly enough for male figure skaters, and NASCAR drivers would probably wear figure skating costumes if a sponsor anted up enough dough. Athletes in every sport essentially wear numbered pajamas, which makes all of these fashion and jersey rules seem totally arbitrary.

Here's the link to the article.

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