Feel the Power

I haven't slept in nearly 3 days. Not because of work. Not because of an insatiable hunger to play Guild Wars all night. And not because my bed isn't comfortable or because I'm engaged in a marathon session of sex. But because of the wind.

For nearly three straight days now, our house is being constantly shook by steady winds of at least 35 mph with frequent gusts on the order of 50 mph. And by frequent, I mean every 10 minutes or so. Last night, the wind even blew our bbq grill over onto its side. Yes, a large cast-iron three-burner, double-rack grill. On its side.

The wind shakes the house and doors get sucked shut and windows bow and compress and, well, we're just waiting to for the sliding glass doors in the living room to shatter and cut us to shreds. It should happen any moment now. As if it wasn't bad enough that our bedroom is above the garage and, always hovering somewhere around the freezing point, but it also protrudes from the rest of the house and is subject to the wind on two of its three sides. So all night long I lay awake listening to the wind slamming the side of our bedroom and listening to the wind in the attic and the constant vibration of the metal flashing used under the cedar shakes on the roof.

Last year was our first winter in this house and we thought the wind was kind of cool. It reminded us of our years in eastern North Carolina and the annual hurricanes we would endure. But now? In layman's terms, I'm sick of this shit. I want to sleep.

Oh, good. It's now raining too. As if the gusting wind didn't send tremors through the house, now the wind and rain are sounding like machinegun fire on the windows. Welcome to my war zone. It's warm, and the coffee is piping hot, but don't count on being able to hear yourself think anytime soon.

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