Injuries Suck

Well my knee has healed itself to about 99%. I was even able to run a few miles yesterday for the first time in a while with no ill effects. It's still a bit tender if I smack it so I try to avoid doing that.

But just as one injury heals, another comes in its place. I was up at the mountain snowboarding today. They hadn't gotten any fresh snow in over a week so only a portion of the mountain was open. I hit a few jumps, but mostly spent the morning trying to get better at riding fakie. By nature, I'm a goofy-footer which means that I stand facing the left with my right foot in the front of the board. Well, I'm trying to get better at riding while facing the other direction (essentially backwards).

I would practice this on the flatter sections near the bottom of the mountain and, usually, after about 10 seconds or so I would fall or switch back over to my normal stance. As I got more comfortable with this, I started riding fakie a bit faster and trying to carve back and forth a bit more. And that's how I caught an edge and twisted my body in two. My lower body twisted one direction, my upper body went the other, and now I'm left with what is likely a slight separation in my ribs. I didn't hit the ground hard or anything so it's not a bruise or fracture, more like a separation. Either way, it hurts like hell and now I'm here nursing another small injury.

We're do for another big dose of snow late this week and into next week. Hopefully this heals in time. I'd hate to have to pop Aleve in order to go riding.

You didn't think I'd not go, did you?

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Criscipline said...

Perhaps a visit to your physician is in order?