Somebody Up There Loves Me

So says the DirecTV commercials, and you know what? DirecTV loves me. I recently noticed that the normal tv music stations they had been giving us (the 800-series of channels) had all been replaced with stations named things like "Fred" and "The Loft" and whatnot. Lo and behold, it turns out that I now get several dozen of XM Satellite radio's stations with my DirecTV bundle.


So I've been listening to "The Loft" a lot lately and Kristin and I were just chilling out playing cards while the Christmas cookies we were making baked in the oven. This station (836) is kind of hit or miss. It's all accoustic and it occasionally gets pretty weird (i.e. eclectic gone awry) and while Kristin was up spiking our cofees with chai liqueor the most horrendous cover of an Elton John song came out. It was a female voice singing a very eerie nearly-electronica version of that Goodbye Norma Jean song (the exact title escapes me). I'm not a Elton John fan anyway, but this was wretched. So I got up to change the station.

And that's when I found "Special-X", the station dedicated to playing non-traditional Christmas music.

Score again!

And what was the first song playing?

"Santa Claus Needs Some Lovin'" by Albert King. It's a blues song with quite a bit of funk and within moments I was doing the white-man's overbite, rocking my hips, pumping my arms in that tight little dance motion like the dork in the Red Stripe commercials, and singing along.

Santa Claus Needs Some Lovin... awww yeah!

Light the lamp, it's hat trick time!

Edit: After spending way too long looking for it, I found the song available for free on line. Here you go, Scrooges. Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin by Albert King

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