Culdcept Saga Achievements

The carrot at the end of the stick leading me onward through my annual fall workload crush is the game Culdcept: Saga, the sequel to the only PS2 game I kept after selling nearly 100 titles earlier this year to help pay for my new mountain bike. Of course, I no longer own a PS2 console either -- I sold all of them as well -- but I couldn't part with such a hard-to-find gem of a game.

Anyway, I digress. The Achievements for the X360 sequel have been posted and my excitement needle is pegged at max. If you push it any harder, the whole thing will blow. Or something like that. Anyway, this is already a game I couldn't wait to play but adding Achievements and the ability to play others online (Brad, I'm looking at you) is going to make this a game that will reside in my X360 for many months to come.

And the fact that one of the Achievements requires colleting 1,000 cards only adds to my confidence that I won't be buying any games in 2008 for quite a while. I just hope I manage to have some downtime this winter so I can enjoy it.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome GAME! I love this game and enjoying playing it again!

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Game On!