We Can All Breathe a Little Easier Now...

When Annana is at close range, that is.

We just got word from the veterinary office that Annana is coming off the anaethesia and that her teeth cleaning went well. Her teeth were really, really dirty but fortunately none of them were decaying or needed to be extracted. Now, before you tell us what awful doggie owners we are, Kristin does make a point of brushing the dogs teeth with relative frequency. Kimo's teeth are in excellent shape. It's just that, unfortunately, Annana has some pretty resilient oral bacteria that fend off the brushing. And no amount of poultry-flavored toothpaste can pry that decrepit bacteria from our canine's canines.

We've been putting off getting her teeth cleaned due to the cost and because we didn't want to have to put her under, but the vet was having a month-long "sale" on teeth cleaning and, well, Annana's breath was getting pretty rank. We also had a rapdily enlargening mole removed from her leg-pit that was becoming quite unsightly. Her gums are going to be really swollen and she's probably can be out of sorts for a day or so, but it was necessary. If we had waited any longer she probably would have lost some of her teeth.

And I'm not about get dentures for my dog.

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Jackie said...

Awww, yeah Lily just got to the age where we now have to start brushing. Her new adult teeth are pearly-white...hopefully we can keep it that way.