Loser People?

Okay, I just sold the computer tower a second time. This time I made it very clear there is a scrolling issue and that the videocard may need to be replaced. I was unaware of these issues the first time I sold it.

Anyway, the weird thing is how seemingly embarrassed the lady who was buying it acted on the phone. When I asked where she lived to give her directions to my house, she said she "hate[s] saying this, but I live in the Habitat for Humanity neighborhood--but I'm not one of the loser people down here."

Wow. What does one say to that?

I can't help but wonder if her comment says more about the self-consciousness of people living in HfH homes or about the treatment they must receive (or at least perceive) from those who don't.

I've run through the HfH neighborhood several times and always thought it seemed a nice place to live and that the houses all appeared rather nice on the outside. And I'm actually glad that this development I live in with its million dollar homes and private golf club (I own or belong to neither by the way) has made space for an HfH area and at least in that way makes an effort to be more inclusive of people with lower income levels. It's a shame though that the people, at least judging by this one woman, feel so self-conscious about it.

But I can't let it bother me. After all, she's buying the computer for her kids so at least I know that while I'm selling the computer for very little money, at least it's going to be used by a family who doesn't have the money for something new and shiny. And the money will go to our travel account and maybe get us a few extra days in Cambodia sometime in the future. And that's a hell of a lot better than dumping it at a computer recycling center or letting it continue to collect dust in the spare bedroom.


Anonymous said...

I would have answered by saying that my mom lives there.

Criscipline said...

I was going to write a comment but ended up just LingOL at anonymous' comment.