Milk Money

My mom cracks us up.

Kristin got home from work yesterday and came upstairs to ask me if I knew anything about a package my mom had sent her. I did, vaguely. I knew my mom had put together a "Back to School" care package for Kristin as a sort of cutesy joke. To know my mom is to know that there are three things she's very good at: decorating, cooking, and buying truckloads of inexpensive crap. Everything else usually just makes her cry, which is sad, but it's my mom so we're kind of used to it. Fortunately, the idea of putting a care package together called on one of her three strengths and, I'm assuming, no tears were shed in the shipping of said package.

So Kristin tears into the package and immediately starts ooohing and ahhing and laughing. The contents of the box include, but are not limited to, a miniature Hello Kitty lunchbox (the gag: I told my mom Kristin hates Hello Kitty), a pair of cute little socks, chapstick, a couple of Power Bars, some pens, some highlighters, a notepad or two, and a twenty dollar bill with a post-it note on it that read "Milk Money". This really made her day, and I just know that the Hello Kitty lunchbox (it's really like a metal handbag, actually) will sit on her desk as a holder for pads and pens. She'll love it and hate it at the same time, which is what a good gag gift should do.

Of course, with my birthday coming in a few weeks, I had to let my mother know that she just raised the bar. No more slapping a check in a card, I want some effort! There's going to be some 'splaining to do If I don't get my own box full of crap next month!

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