Peace and Quiet For Sale

If you were watching World News Tonight this evening you may have seen a quick rundown of some gadgetry designed to counter many of today's more annoying inventions. The one that caught my eye was the cell phone jammer. The small pocket-size device sends out a jamming signal and renders cell phones useless in the immediate vicinity.

Think about the possibilities...

Want to go to the coffee shop and read in quiet? Or just without hearing people yell? Bring the cell phone jammer.

At the airport and tired of hearing businessmen carrying on their listen-to-how-important-I-am conversations at eighty decibels? Bring the jammer.

Out to dinner and stuck with some clueless jerk who refuses to turn his cell phone off or take it outside? Turn it off for him with the jammer.

In the theatre and tired of hearing others yapping away on their phones? Make 'em zip it with the jammer.

The more I write about this thing, the more I think the $200 pricetag might be worth it after all. Unfortunately they're very illegal in the US and carry an $11,000 fine and year in the slammer (because of all of those 911 calls you're potentially interfering with).

If only society didn't make such inventions necessary. If only people had an ounce of courtesy when out in public. And if only pigs could fly... it's a nice dream, isn't it?

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NobbyNick said...

I bought one of those key chain size devices to turn off any TV after being disgusted in Moab a few years back where every place we went had presidential campaign speech’s playing and we just wanted to forget it all for a week and ride bikes. Had a lot of fun with it back here in Seattle. It is too bad that the cell phone jammers are terribly illegal.