A while back I wrote a long-winded post about the importance of a name. It started with a discussion of my dislike for my own name, then twisted and turned along a rather nonsensically circuitous path and finally reached the intended destination: a commentary on the new game company "SEEDS" that was founded by the minds behind such great games as Okami and Resident Evil. I was particularly impressed with the name of the new company, as it was in recognition of those who created the seeds that eventually flowered into such important gaming experiences. And, despite its lackluster sales, Okami was one of the great milestones of gaming in my opinion.

Yeah, well, so much for the supposed importance of symbolism and nature in Japanese culture.

SEEDS was renamed Platinum Games today as a result of a merger with some company none of us ever heard of.

I can only assume they were disappointed to learn their first choice, Acme Products, was already taken.

If their games are even half as generic as the name of their company, then we're all going to be in for a big disappointment.

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