So Long High Country, See You in July

I was supposed to be about 4.5 hours from home right now, asleep in the back of my truck (or perhaps still sitting fireside with a bottle of Moose Drool in my hand). I was supposed to be waking up early tomorrow to embark on what would have been the first of three consecutive big mountain epic rides deep in the Okanagan National Forest. I had to bail from this trip earlier in the week when I learned that the schedule for my current project was suddenly accelerated.

And it's a good thing too, as the snow level is dropping to 3,500 feet tonight and the precipitation should come off and on all weekend. Oh, and the trails I would have been riding would have taken us up above 7,000 feeet each day. Hopefully those that decided to go anyway will be met with less precipitation than we're getting here on the west side of the state, but I doubt it. That's a long way to drive for what are likely to be pretty miserable conditions.

What makes this even worse is that I had a similar campout planned for next weekend as well, in about the same area. I got snowed on doing that ride two years ago and that was a week earlier in the season. When the winter comes in the North Cascades, it comes pretty quick. Looks like I'll be going without views like this again this fall.


Anonymous said...

The high routes are still rideable.

Doug Walsh said...

I guess it depends where you want to ride. Reports out of Winthrop, I'm told, are that there's already 2 feet of snow above 6,000 feet.