There Might be Crying in Baseball, but There's no Pink in Football

I couldn't go to yesterday's season opener against the Bucaneers due to my current workload, but I did watch the game on tv*. I wanted to go, I had the tickets, I just couldn't afford to tack on another couple hours for driving to and from the game and going to all of our traditional pre-game haunts. Kristin was going to stay home in some weird parallel universe version of what's known as "sympathy weight" in households with children, but I convinced her to take a friend and go without me. "We ain't the Marines, babe, you can leave me behind."

She invited her friend Kari to come along. Kari has been to a few Seahawks games before. Her boyfriend has a share of a pair of tickets on the 10-yard line, first row. They've got to pet the hawk, that's how close to the field they are. So Kristin was pretty psyched that she actually had a girlfriend to bring to the game who knows the game, can identify the players (Kristin will call a holding penalty from the upper deck and get the number correct), and knew she would be expected to scream her head off. After all, it's not only the Seahawks NFC Division title on the line this season, but the fans sure don't want to lose their recognition as the loudest in the NFL, either. We take that very seriously, and have ever since the Giants committed 12 false starts in one game here in 2005. Man, that was a great day.

Anyway, getting back to the game, I think a part of Kristin was ultimately disappointed in her selection though. Despite her petiteness and seemingly ageless beauty, Kristin is not a priss. And especially not on Sundays. Yet, she had no choice to walk around and then sit next to her friend Kari wearing one of the made-for-chicks PINK Seahawks jerseys. It didn't even have a player's number or name on it either. It just had a "1" and said "Seahawks" where the name would go. We've seen these jerseys before. They're always worn by one of three types of people: the disinterested significant other who was was dragged kicking and screaming to the game; by the fashion-minded lady who simply wants to be seen at the game because the Seahawks are in; or by a woman who was given it by their patronizing boyfriend. Real fans wear the blue. Or the white. But they don't wear pink. It's just the way it is. Kristin gave her crap about it all day yesterday, she said and made her buy all the beer. Thatta girl!

As for the crying in baseball part, have you seen the Mariners lately? I mean, seriously, if you've seen them please let us know because they've been missing since mid August. How a team just one game behind the division leader can go on a 1-13 streak is beyond me.

*As for TV, have you seen the new features on DirecTV's "Sunday Ticket SuperFan" package? You can actually tell your receiver what players are on your fantasy football team and a Player Tracker will blip onto the screen and give you updates whenever one of those guys does something. Personally, I just get it for the Red Zone Channel -- no commercials and somebody else to constantly flip back and forth between all of the games whenever one team is about to score. It's awesome. We've stopped getting the MLB Extra Innings package because it was just too much baseball every day. But the NFL package is fantastic, especially the HD version.

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Criscipline said...

Girls who wear those pink jerseys also wear them because they were $15 at the mall versus the $60 plus for a real jersey and for girls who aren't that into it but want to be cute for their man and show some sense of team spirit.

I had a baby blue one last year and I bought it because it was the best I could afford. So shut it!