Bicycle Thieving Doctor Nailed!

And our first nominee for 2008 Scumbag of the Year is...

From The Daily News Online:

A Longview doctor suspected of swiping pricey racing bicycles in three states was caught because of ordinary things he left behind: a coffee cup labeled "Jake," a baseball cap and a pair of slippers, according to police reports.

The items were left at a bike shop in the Seattle area last February after a man took a test ride of a $6,800 Cervelo-R3 racing bike and never returned.

In August, the Washington State Patrol Crime Lab informed Seattle police that DNA on the items matched Jacob Jonathon Bos, 35, a Longview podiatrist and a member of Three Rivers Cycling Club.

Seattle and Longview police initially arrested Bos Jan. 18 and served a search warrant at his home in the 500 block of 28th Avenue. Police said they found five stolen bicycles and other stolen bicycle-related items in his garage, and another stolen bicycle in his office. He was released Jan. 19 on his personal recognizance. The next day, Bos was rescued from his car when Weyerhaeuser Co. workers found it teetering on the edge of the Kalama River. Police learned Tuesday that he had been released from Southwest Washington Medical Center in Vancouver.

Tuesday, the Longview Police Street Crimes Unit arrested Bos again and announced further developments in the investigation.Friends of Bos who purchased bicycles from him - including the Cervelo-R3 stolen Feb. 2 - have met with investigators and returned the bikes. Investigators have recovered more than $55,000 worth of stolen bicycles and accessories. The bikes were stolen in the Seattle metropolitan area, Portland metropolitan area and Utah, where Bos' children live, police said.

Well, I gotta hand it to the guy... he had great taste in bicycles. I guess being a doctor wasn't good enough for him, he needed some extra money from fencing stolen bikes to his friends. Now he gets to throw it all away and head to the slammer for interstate trafficking of stolen goods and grand theft. And I have a feeling that the more play this story gets (it's also hitting the Seattle news sites) the more people are going to come forward with reports of stolen bikes that eventually get traced back to him. I hope he rots.

I still can't help but wonder though... who steals bikes in their slippers while carrying a cup of coffee? Book smarts and street dumb.

Thanks Nando for forwarding this link to me.

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