Seattle Tops List for "Healthy Living" Cities

Cooking Light magazine, whatever that is, came out with a top 20 list of best US cities for healthy living and gave the top spot to Seattle due to what it says is "an abundance of fresh local foods, walker-friendly streets, and inclusive attitudes helps make Seattle America's best city for healthy living."

See the list on CNN or check out the full blurb on why Seattle topped the list at the Cooking Light site.

Whether seen from the vantage point of a peaceful kayak excursion on the waters of Puget Sound or a morning tour of bustling food lover's mecca Pike Place Market, Seattle always appears to be a place where healthful living comes easily and naturally. In our year-long countdown of U.S. cities that epitomize the Cooking Light philosophy, Seattle ranked highest for dollars spent on parkland—$266 per person annually, according to the Trust for Public Land. The American Podiatric Medical Association ranked pedestrian-friendly Seattle a top spot for walking. Nearly 85 percent of city residents report exercising regularly and 89 percent say they are in good or better health, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data. And when Seattleites are ready to indulge, they can do so in any of the city's many top-rated restaurants—it's home to both numerous James Beard Award-winning chefs and restaurants ranked "extraordinary to perfection" by culinary review, Zagat. If you love Cooking Light, we think you'll love Seattle, too.

Portland, Oregon came in second. I wonder if they had included Canadian cities, if it would have been a clean sweep for the Pac NW with Vancouver, BC as well? I bet it would have. Philly came in 9th and NYC in 15th for my east coast readers who'd rather not click on the link. Boston came in 6th, but I'm sure they would have rather have won the Super Bowl than beat NY in something this trivial.

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Criscipline said...

Cooking Light is a very popular magazine - up there in terms of popularity with Gourmet. I read that article yesterday. You West Coast folks win everything. Cheesesteaks aside, I think Philly does well due to its large vegan population and fresh markets.