Some Reading to Do

While I continue to celebrate my first days off in over a month with Culdcept SAGA, I'm going to take the lazy approach to blogging and simply leave you with two excellent articles.

First up is this lengthy, detailed article on Next Generation titled "Is Xbox 360 Past its Peak". It's a really good read and covers all the bases on the console, talks about the competition, and the current state within Microsoft regarding the console and the year ahead. A great read, just don't skim the comments, else your head might explode.

The other article appears at Scientific American and asks the question, "Are Americans Afraid of the Outdoors?" The article discusses the declining trends in attendance at National Parks, the declines in hunting/fishing and the overall tendency -- it seems -- for people to while away their lives in front of the television instead of visiting the outdoors. The article is too short to really get to the heart of the matter or offer many solutions or concrete theories other than the types one can pull from thin air, but it's still an interesting piece if you're unfamilliar with the topic.

I'll be writing more about this issue next week, along with the long-awaited comments on Culdcept SAGA and some other games-related bits.


Brad Gallaway said...

Hey man, glad to hear you're getting some non-time. If you're up for some Saga this weekend, drop me a line and we'll hook up... i haven't done any multi since the day before i finished the game and i think i'm already getting rusty. ^_^

Brad Gallaway said...

that was supposed to read 'non-work time". = P