Fun With iTunes

Do you keep your music collection on your PC? Do you use iTunes? Are you tired of creating playlists?

If so, grab a dictionary.

Open to a random page, close your eyes, and point to a word.

Type that word into the Search field in iTunes (make sure you're viewing your entire music collection) and hit enter. Voila! Instant playlist.

Obviously, this works better for those with thousands of songs and, depending on the word, you might get 3 songs and you might get 83, but give it a try. Not only does it produce some pretty odd mixes, but it might just get you listening to stuff you had long since forgotten about.

Update: This tends to work even better if you just type the first four or five letters of the word into the search field, or if you make sure to use the most basic form of the verb. For example, I pointed to "Masticate" in the dictionary and came up with nothing in iTunes. No surprise, there. But when I typed in "Mast" I got about 25 songs, including a Christmas song by Run-DMC and a bunch of Van Morrison! Don't forget the search will return matches from all searchable fields including composer and genre and also any subtitles in parentheses. Good luck.


chip said...

Christmas In Hollis!

Christmas time
in Hollis, Queens
Mom's cookin' chicken
and collard greens!

Probably my favorite Run-DMC song ever. Even if it is Holiday specific.

Doug Walsh said...

That be the one.

Great song.

Thanks for writing.