Desperate Holidays Call for Desperate Measures

So Kristin tells me today that the husband of one of her co-workers stopped by the office to ask the receptionist where one finds a store that sells flowers. He didn't ask where the local florist is, as that would have been understandable. No, he had no idea what kind of store even sells flowers.

But it gets better.

He lives a conservative 40 minutes away and is a manager of a Radio Shack. This is the kind of "technophiles" they hire at these stores. Rather than use the internet or make a call to directory assistance on one of the Sprint PCS cellphones they're always hawking, he drove nearly an hour into the city to ask the first person he came across at his wife's company. Welcome to 1980.

I know some guys have flowers delivered to the office to make themselves look good in front of the wive's office-mates, but isn't this kind of the opposite: going out of your way to show her co-workers how clueless you are?

And better still.. this same guy called the office four days before Christmas and somehow got put through to Kristin's line. He was hoping to find someone who might know what his wife wanted under the tree. As if Kristin would have any idea? I can't wait to hear what he does for Easter.

I think Kristin summed it up best tonight when she said, "Guys like him are the reason holidays like Valentine's Day even exist."


And in other news Kristin tells me that her company's website receives one-third the daily visitors as this blog. Now that's what I call scoreboard! Thanks everybody!

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