Wrapper Brigade

Thanks to Kevin Axt for passing this along via the BBTC message boards.

From Dirt Rag magazine:

Clif Bar and TerraCycle have teamed up to create a unique program designed to reduce the amount of energy bar wrappers going into landfills. Sponsored by Clif Bar, the "Wrapper Brigade" program will donate 2 cents to charity for every used wrapper collected by individuals and organizations.

The wrappers will be fused and woven into a strong material which will be used to make backpacks, gym totes and other products.Enrollment in the Wrapper Brigade is free, and open to anyone. After you sign up, you'll receive four collection bags that hold 200 energy bar wrappers each. Mail the collection bags back to TerraCycle, and they'll make a donation to the charity of your choosing, and even pick up the shipping fees.

"We're very excited to take our sustainability efforts to a new level with the Wrapper Brigade program," said Carly Lutz, Clif Bar brand manager. "From using organic ingredients in our bars to selling them in recycled paperboard caddies on store shelves, we are mindful of the importance of trying to reduce our footprint on the planet. Just like our consumers, we're passionate about the outdoors and want to protect and preserve the places we play."As a cyclist, you probably recognize Clif Bar as the maker of all-natural and organic energy bars. But did you know that TerraCycle is the maker of Worm Poop plant food line—the first consumer product to earn the right to carry the Zerofootprint seal. The seal signifies that the materials and manufacturing process used to produce its products have virtually no negative environmental repercussions.

Watch the video for more information:

I don't eat as many Cliff Bars as I used to -- I've swithed primarily to Cliff Bloks and Gu -- but I'm going to find out if the Cliff Bloks wrappers count for this as well. Either way, I'm signing up. It's a great way to generate a little extra money for the BBTC and to also help keep these wrappers out of landfills.

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