Cape Town

One of the guys on Kristin's Social Justice team (biz school) passed along a link to some photos he shot during a trip to South Africa this past December. He really lucked into some tremendous light and took some pretty nice photos.

You can see them here.

And speaking of South Africa, I was this close to putting my 50 Rand into the hat for a chance at a lottery spot in the 2009 Cape Epic the other day. It's a 9-day stage race consisting of 850 kilometers (527 miles) and 18,000 meters of elevation gain (56,000 feet).

Like I said, I was this close to taking a shot at the lottery for next year. I checked the currency converters to see how many Rand are in 1 US dollar and the entry fee was actually less than that of TransRockies, so that wasn't the problem.

No, the problem was airfare. South Africa is a long way away and the cheapest airfare was over $2,000 round-trip. Granted, I entered dates just a few weeks from now into Orbitz and I'm sure better deals can be had with more advanced planning (not to mention airfare discounters), but it was certainly not in the cards for next year. Maybe in 2010? We'll see...

In the meantime I'll just have to bookmark the Cape-Epic website and confine myself to daydreams...

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