A peculiar site has made it's way into my daily reading and it's the blog for the Washington State Department of Transportation. I know what you're thinking, but trust me it's actually really interesting.

For those who aren't aware the mountain passes in Washington have received over 30 feet of snow so far this winter. There was 6-week period where they averaged over 8" of snow a day. Anyway, the passes are constantly being inundated by avalanche and the DOT workers have been working night and day since December to keep them open. There were a couple times in the last few days when there was no ground-based travel at all between eastern and western Washington. Think about that. We were cut off.

So, anyway, the WSDOT Blog has some great stats, some interesting posts, and plenty of photos and videos to check out. Plus it's a great place to drop a note of appreciation for the folks working through the night to keep the roads open... not to mention risking their lives doing avalanche control.

As an aside, the weather is supposed to warm significantly over the next few days and the rains are coming. Keep your fingers crossed for colder temps because conditions are ripe for catastrophic flooding in some low-lying towns.

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