Why I Love My Dogs

Reason Number 375:

Our male dog Kimo is afraid of everything. Afraid of garbage trucks, vacuum cleaners, the start-up noise on the Xbox 360 (who isn't?) and he's also even afraid of the disc tray on the DVD player. Yes, our brand new yet already obsolete Toshiba HD-A30, but I digress...

You may be thinking that it's normal for dogs to be scared of those things. And you might be right. But let me ask you this: Is your dog afraid of his own farts?

It's true. Kimo will be laying down, fart, and literally jump into the air from fright and run out of the room. Considering he's a 52 pound Siberian Husky, it makes for a damn funny sight.

Alpha male? Not so much.


Brad Gallaway said...

Funny you mention this little phenomenon... although my dog doesn't do it from fright (at least, not how you meant it in your post) he basically lets one go and then *immediately* gets up and moves to a different location. personally, i think it's because he can't stand the smell of his own emissions... unfortunately, he always manages to be on the couch with one of us when this happens. >= (

Doug Walsh said...

Umm... you named your dog Bacon.

What did you expect? LOL!