Is This Normal?

In the mail today was a small envelope containing a piece of yellow lined notebook paper with a hand-written note.

It was a man saying that he and his son want to buy our house. He left his phone number.

The word buy was written in very large letters in the center of the note like this "$BUY$".

Other than that, the note seemed rather normal and not at all like a scam. It was stamped and postmarked, but the envelope's flap was folded in rather than sealed -- this tells me he had had sent a number of these notes out and was tired of licking envelopes.

The house isn't for sale and I have no intention of calling him back but this seems rather odd, doesn't it? We got a nice letter last year from an older couple in NC looking to buy the land we own there (they live in the neighborhood where our lot is and want to build a one-story house), but this wasn't at all like that. It seemed sketchy.

Am I paranoid or is this sort of thing normal? And if this is normal, is it common for people to be so unprofessional in their correspondence?


Jackie said...

Strange! I tend to be suspicious of people's actions and intentions--perhaps a consequence of living in the city for the last four years...I suppose if your neighbors received the same type of letter it's safe to assume that you're safe and it's just a solicitation (albeit an odd one) but if you were singled out, you'd be justified in your bewilderment!

Maarten said...

Pretty odd. I would guess that they're fishing for people who are having trouble making their mortgage payments and will offer to help you do some bizarre refinance scheme.

Where was the postmark from?