GearJammer and RAMROD Registration

Registration for both races opens on March 1st, although seemingly at an unspecified time.

GearJammer is the third and final race (July 26th, I believe) in the Squamish Triple Challenge race and online registration for it should go live right here sometime on Saturday, perhaps at 12:01 am. Don't take my spot.

RAMROD (aka Ride Around Mt. Rainier in One Day) is entry-by-lottery for anyone who didn't volunteer last year. You have the entire month of March to enter the lottery via and those who luck into an entry spot will be notified in April. Don't take my spot.

Good luck entering but, you guessed it, don't take my spot.


Anonymous said...

Is there an Endurance related event your not thinking of doing this year. LOL


Doug Walsh said...

Well, I'm sticking to my promise from last year and I'm not doing STP again. Does that count?