EA, Take-Two, Cities, States, and Global-Thermonuclear War

I made that last part up...

Earlier this week I commented rather haphazardly about the bid EA made to purchase Take-Two. I don't waver in my opinion on the matter, but I was pressed for time and didn't really flesh out my post much. It was lazy, I know.

Fortunately I don't have to go back and expand on it now because the ever-eloquent and always-informative Bill Harris did so for me. We both arrive at the same conclusion -- that the EA acquisition of Take-Two would be very, very bad for gamers -- but his post on the matter is not only one of his best articles yet, but provides an excellent analogy using EA's own recent use of the phrase "City-States".

Bill does investment research and, I believe, as done some freelance QA work in the videogame industry in the past, but I suspect it's just a matter of time before he gets a column in Business Week or the Wall Street Journal.

Read his fantastic article about the EA offer right here.

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