Can't Write, Busy Working

After one technical difficulty after another, I was finally able to begin earnest work on my current project last Friday. The text, maps, and screenshots were originally scheduled to be submitted by Monday. Of course, that's assuming that I was able to start the book 2 weeks ago like everyone expected. Unfortunately, that's not how things go with this "next generation" of videogame consoles. Defective machines, incompatible firmware issues, etc., etc. It all makes it very tough to get the project off the ground sometimes. What makes things especially tough is that the book simply must release the same date as the game. It has to. This means that although there was nearly 2 weeks of downtime due to inoperable machines, I don't get that time back. Instead, I simply have to become an Olympian. I must work longer, harder, and faster than ever before.

Some professions offer hazard pay; I'm thinking of asking for aggravation compensation.

Nah, I'm sure that won't go over too well.

So that's where I am. Trying to wrap up a book in no time flat so it's not late. Like I said, no time to post on the blog today.

On the bright side, finishing up this book could be considered training for my 24-hour race next month. I'm getting pretty comfortable with sleep deprivation.

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