DINKs Afloat in a Sea of Toddlers

I was outside in the driveway washing my bike for the third time this week (resting the brush on the hood of my truck which I haven't washed in 8 months) when I overheard a couple of my neighbors talking.

Voice 1: "I just love the suspension this one has."
Voice 2: "Yeah, it is nice. How do you like those tires? I was thinking of buying those too."
Voice 1: "They're great. Good traction, but not too much resistance."

My ears immediately perked up and I tried to listen intently over the fence to the conversation. Do I have more mountain biking neighbors than I originally thought? Are there other guys home during the day to maybe go riding with? Oooh, here they come, I better introduce myself.

I was ready to launch into a friendly conversation about biking with some of my neighbors, but my plans were immediately dashed. The man passed the corner of my fence, pushing a baby-stroller, telling another similarly-equipped dad, "I JUST LOVE how this stroller rides!"

They were stoked... about strollers.

Better you than me, guys. Better you than me.

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