Party Crasher

Was it not absolutely wonderful to see Felix Hernandez completely crash the Daisuke Matsuzaka love-fest at Fenway Park today? Who cares that Ichiro went 0-5, our boy King Felix (turned 21 last Sunday) threw a one-hit complete game shutout! ESPN was talking about Daisuke being the second coming of Cy Young and BAM, Felix hurls 9 innings worth of pitches that, in the words of David Ortiz, were "filthy". It's April, I know, but if you want to talk early-season Cy Young candidates (and I know some of you in Minnesota like to), look no further than the ace of the Mariners' pitching staff -- Felix Hernandez. Here's his stats so far this season:

Innings Pitched: 17
Record: 2-0
Strikeouts: 18
ERA: 0.00

So let's hear a big Nelson-laugh for the Boston fans out there. Haaaa-Haaaa!

Oh, and speaking of Boston Red Sox baseball, I have to tip my cap to Curt Schilling's blog. I don't like the guy when I see him interviews; I don't like his politics; and I will tear my eyes out if I see his bloody sock again, but his blog is pretty darn interesting. Unlike most other athletes, Curt doesn't mince words. He doesn't recite cliches or toe the company line. Instead, he posts exactly what's on his mind. Some of the best posts on his blog ( are the Q&A posts he does in which he answers all sorts of questions fans send him via email. Here's an excerpt from his post earlier today. Like I said, I don't like the guy, his team, and especially not his team's fans, but I do enjoy reading his blog.

Q-I do hope you plan on omitting the, as you called it , whining. Easter, 10am starts- give us a break. You chose your career- you cash the checks- you want to continue to play next year. All good and fine- but you need to choose one or the other.
A-No reason to omit it, and I wasn’t worried about what you’d think, just making the observation that being away from you family on the holidays sucks, no matter what you do for a living. If that bothers you then hang with them. I am assuming that if I made that observation as a 45,000 a year salesman you’d empathize? What’s the salary threshold in your mind that makes it offensive for me to be bothered about being away from my family on the holiday? Get the point?

Q-NFL players are on the road for Christmas and routinely play in sub-zero temps. Summer nights at the Fen don’t even compare…
A-Which means what?

Q-Way to skip over the ugly pitching last night. I understand why you might not want to talk about other pitchers but Pineiro looked like crap again. This is the stuff we want you to talk about- What’s going through his head? What does he say or teammates say to him? I feel bad for the guy but he needs to execute.
A-It’s one game. One game of 162. If it bothers you that much then there’s not much anyone can say to help you. I don’t know what’s going through his head, not sure I know anyone with that power other than some guys in Marvel Comics maybe. Thanks for the tip, I’ll make sure to remind him he ‘needs to execute’ next time I see him.

Q- quick question; when writing about the previous nite’s work as you have done after each start thus far, are you checking notes you made during the game or are you writing all this from memory?
A-Writing from memory which is why I might mess up some counts or situations at times.

Q-How does the cold affect you as a pitcher? Is the ball “slicker”, does it break more, or is there no effect whatsoever?
A-The major effect is how slick the ball becomes and how hard it is to get your hands sticky enough to get a firm grip. I don’t know that the cold has an effect on the ball once it leaves your hand to any degree, just the pre-pitch part of it is what I notice the most. On the plus side is knowing how badly hitters want to avoid getting jammed on cold nights and the fact that the ball doesn’t travel nearly as well in the air on cold nights.

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