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The email I received earlier from Fabien at TiCycles was all I needed to get my butt out the door today. I threw the box of parts and my "Mikesee" wheelset in the truck and drove into the city to drop it off for the build.

Having never actually seen or touched a Moots in person, I was immediately blown away by the craftsmanship. The finish, the welds, and the lightweight fauxe delicateness of the frame surpassed all of my expectations. And I say "fauxe delicateness" because while the frame feels and looks as if it is as fragile as a piece of fine crystal, it's titanium. And titanium is anything but fragile.

It's scheduled to be built on Thursday, but there are naturally some caveats. Although my suspension fork and headset were there waiting for me, Moots failed to send along the handlebars and seatpost I ordered with the frame. I have my doubts whether or not the handlebar order actually ever got placed since I emailed that one in a week after the frame order, but there's no excuse for the seatpost to not have been included, as I paid for it with the frame back in January. Fabien tells me that Moots is backing out of the handlebar business so I may have to go with an Easton or FSA handlebar instead. I like the Easton handlebar on my Giant NRS, but both of these brands insist on splattering their bars with red and yellow graphics. The Moots is elegant. I don't want crappy red and yellow graphics messing it up, but I don't know if I have a choice at this point unless Moots is still making handlebars.

Right now the plan is to build the bike on Thursday and I'll go in and get fit for the stem and steer tube height. At that point they'll cut the steer tube, finish up the build, and hopefully I'll have the bike by the weekend. It depends on the seatpost and handlebar issue at this point.

And while I could theoretically just put a different bar and post on it to get me through the weekend, I don't want to. I've waited this long. I want the bike as I envisioned it. I'm stubborn like that. But so far, so good. So very good...

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Frank said...

Be sure to post pictures, lots of pictures.