Did You Hear the One About Sony, the Goat, and the Topless Models?

Sony outdid themselves this time.

To celebrate the European release of the hit game God of War II, Sony threw a big party. Nothing out of the ordinary there.

The party was given a "Greek orgy" theme to tie in with the game's backdrop. Okay, a bit excessive perhaps, but that makes sense.

Topless body-painted women walked around hand-feeding grapes to attendees. You've got my attention, please continue.

A pit of live snakes was available for guests and their friends to challenge one another in grabbing the snakes bare-handed. Okay, you lost me with the pit of live snakes.

Guests were also invited to eat offal (pureed intestines and entrails) that had been stuffed inside the still-warm cavity of a real, decapitated goat whose head was barely hanging on by thin threads of tissue as its blood dripped onto the floor. Are you f'ing kidding me?

No, I'm not kidding you. There are pictures.

Sony, previously oblivious to how people may react to such a ridiculous PR stunt, have come to their senses and are in the process of recalling all 80,000 copies of their PlayStation magazine which features the photo linked above.

You know, as crazy and absurd and just plain wrong this party sounds, it doesn't sound nearly as crazy or offensive to me as charging $599 for a game console that has nothing to play on it.


KOB said...

Advertising execs should have their dicks cut off and fed to the dogs. This was gross wanton animal cruelty.

Entertainment may be fine with whatever images they portray - so that we may escape from reality - this escapism allows us freedom of conscience by not being connected to horrible deeds as seen in the game or whatever entertainment medium, right? The problem here is that what happened in this stunt WAS reality and DOES teach its subscribers to be numb to feeling towards animals and even fellow human beings.

Entertainment industry has suffered a huge blow in its credibility today. The backlash from outraged people will no doubt push towards censorship and boycotting, as this stunt connected the dots between entertainment and violent behavior.

Such connection was for the most part not possible before except from the narrow minds of feeble conservative m*****f*****s. As of today, the m*****f*****s are Sony, the advertising execs, and the gamers who buy that s*** by their actions of supporting an event that crossed the line.

If inclined to buy violent games, buy from Sony's competitors, because Sony crossed the line and caused repercussions to all of us, gamers and non-gamers alike. No apology is acceptable, Sony and its advertisers must pay, financially, for their unconscienable act of animal cruelty and desensitization of REAL violence.

Doug Walsh said...

Just to clarify, the goat was killed at a butcher shop, just like other animals we eat. The way it was presented at the party is distasteful and offensive, no doubt, but it was no more a case of animal cruelty than what goes on in any meat farm on a daily basis, unless you consideration mutilation of a carcass to be cruel. The decapitation came after the death of the animal through normal butchery.

Maarten said...

Violent computer games with blood splattering on the screen as entertainment: considered fine.

Keeping animals in atrocious conditions to fatten them up for consumption: also considered perfectly fine, as long as consumers don't have to see it.

Dead goat with some blood and food that does not appeal to the audience: considered outrageous.

Color me naive, but I have trouble seeing the logic. I mean, this seems like a stunt to promote vegetarianism more than violent video games. Like years ago when some group like PETA dropped a dead cow in the drive-thru lane of a McDonald's.

Criscipline said...

Someone's gonna get fired. What the hell were they thinking!