Just got off the phone with Fabien. Nevermind the fact that the outstanding parts (handlebar and seatpost) were reportedly shipped UPS last Thursday from Colorado and that I could have pedaled the bike there by now to get them myself, they should finally arrive in Seattle tomorrow.

I have a true all-nighter ahead of me with work so I couldn't have driven down to do the final fit and adjustment today anyway, but knowing tomorrow should finally be the day I take delivery is the ultimate carrot on a stick leading me to finish this strategy guide.

Not to mention I'll be heading out to the Olympic Peninsula bright and early Saturday morning to ride one of my favorite rides in Washington -- the Dungeness/Gold Creek loop outside of Sequim. Doing a slightly expanded version that should put us at about 20 miles and nearly 5,000 feet of climbing. It sure would be nice to do it on a new bike.

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