TR Training: Week #20 Numbers

Total Ride Time: 15:14:16
Total Mileage: 203.0 miles
Total Elevation Gain: 11,122 feet
Total Calories Burned: 15,841

Finally got a 15-hour week in and, for the first time since 2002, had a 200 mile week. Mileage was split in a desirable fashion between the road bike and mountain bike with 117 of the 203 miles being done on the road bike. And, speaking of firsts, thanks to Nick Valison I actually finally got out and did a Lake Washington road ride including the pedal across the I-90 floating bridge. Friday was in the upper 70's here and the trees were blossoming and the mountain was out, and it was an absolutely perfect day to be on the bike. Was really glad he emailed me with the suggestion to ride that route.

In other news, Brett and I agreed to do TransRockies together. So, yes, I do have a teammate once again and the guy is fast. Really fast. No reason to hold back with the training for fear of getting too fast for my teammate -- that will be impossible. He tweaked his back a little the other day and we couldn't ride together on Sunday as we planned, but hopefully we'll get a ride in one day this week and work out all the details.

Oh, and I stopped by Ti-Cycles again on Saturday and my bike is nearly ready. They just have to wait for the handlebar and seatpost from Moots (should arrive Monday or Tuesday) and then I can go in for the final fit and it's all mine. Finally.

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