Snowed Out in Cleveland

If you don't follow the Seattle Mariners or the Cleveland Indians, then you might not be aware of the ridiculousness that has taken place this weekend with regards to the weather in Cleveland. What was supposed to be Opening Day for the Indians on Friday turned into a postponed game in the top of the 5th inning -- the Mariners were down 4-0 with two outs and Jose Lopez was one strike away from the game going official when shrewd-moving Mike Hargrove got the umpires to postpone the game. The reason? Snow. Some will say that they should have just got the next pitch over with and ended the game, but the snow was coming down so hard nobody could even see the ball. The M's skipper spoke up and got the game postponed. So how did the rest of the weekend's series go?

Take a look at this from Yahoo! Sports:
The biggest impact on Monday's doubleheader between the Cleveland Indians and Seattle Mariners probably won't be made by anyone on the teams' lineup cards. With almost a foot of snow covering Jacobs Field, meeting the goal of a 4:05 local start time rests on the grounds crew's ability to get the field into playable condition. On Friday, the Indians' home opener against Seattle (2-1) was postponed because of snow and low temperatures with Cleveland (2-1) leading 4-0 in the fourth inning. The game was one strike away from being an official game, and a day-night doubleheader was scheduled for Saturday, but even more snow made it impossible to start the game.

A traditional doubleheader was scheduled for Sunday, but by then nearly 10 inches of snow had accumulated on the field, according to the Cleveland Indians' Web site. "This is an unbelievable situation," Indians manager Eric Wedge said. "We've had snow, we've had cold weather, but not everything at once, backing it up from day to day to day." The grounds crew's job is made even harder by the cold temperature which is keeping the snow from melting. The weather forecast for Monday has temperatures in the mid-30s with light snow expected in the morning. By time the second game is expected to start -- 20 minutes after the end of the first -- temperatures are expected to drop into the upper-20s with even more snow expected.

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Jackie said...

Yes, there was snow falling in NY and NJ during the Yankee game yesterday (I was visiting home for Easter and Dad and David were watching) and although it did not stick, it was certainly an odd sight in early April! I was a little disappointed when neither team got a touchdown though ;-)

Doug Walsh said...

Well, the Mariners/Indians games double-header scheduled for today were both cancelled again. That's a total of 3 games that were postponed a total of 7 times in four days.

Funny comment about the touchdown. I think Kristin feels the same way. She really wants to see Richie Sexson tackle a baserunner.