Kristin's 50k Trail Race

Proud to report that Kristin had a great race at today's Mt. Si 50k Ultra-Marathon. She solo'd the 31.3 mile trail race in a time of 5:11. The weather was perfect for running -- low 50's, overcast, and not too humid -- and she nailed the pacing and nutritional elements of the race and was able to run strong and steady from start to finish. This was her first 50k since she and I both ran the Frosty 50 back in Winston-Salem, NC in January of 2002 (the infamous race with 6" of fresh snow and sub-freezing temps... can't imagine why we never ran another ultra after that one). It was really nice to not have to drive far to the event -- this one was held in Snoqualmie just a few miles from our house -- and took runners on a tour of trails we are both all-too familliar with. There wasn't a significant amount of elevation gain in the race -- about 10 miles of a nonstop 2% grade followed by a return trip right back down the way you came -- and the only walking she did was at the aid stations.

There were roughly 50 people in the 50k event, another 50 or so people doing a 50-mile version, then about another 120 or so 5-person teams doing a 50-mile relay. Kristin has given thought to stepping up to the 50-mile distance but that isn't likely to happen until she's finished with the MBA program she's hopefully starting this coming fall.

As for me, I spent the day running around the course, playing the role of the proud hubby, taking photos wherever I could. You can view the shots I took right here.

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KOB said...

Send my congratulations to Kristin! That is a very big accomplishment, hope she had fun doing it.