TR Training: Week #19 Numbers

Total Ride Time: 8:48:31
Total Mileage: 94.4 miles
Total Elevation Gain: 6,856 feet
Total Calories Burned: 9,039

Just a real quick run-down of this past week. I raced on Sunday (report to follow once I get the photos) so toned down the mileage in the latter half of the week so as to be fresh for the race.

Monday: Scheduled rest day.

Tuesday: Group ride was cancelled so went out on my own in the rain and put in 20 miles of hilly double-track on my mountain bike.

Wednesday: Weekly training ride. Destroyed my previous record time for this 20-mile course with a time of 1:36:33. The course is mostly double-track and gravel road with a mile or two of singletrack and 1700 feet of vert.

Thursday: Rode the SVT to Tolt to meet my friend Ellen. Cruised some tight, twisty singletrack for 90 minutes, then pedaled my way back home. Focused on holding a steady 160bpm heart rate for much of the 14 miles to Tolt to ensure I got some decent training in before the more social singletrack spin. All uphill on the way home. Finished up with 35 miles and a little over 3 hours of pedal time -- not bad for a weekday mountain bike ride!

Friday: Took the day off to get work done and catch up on sleep.

Saturday: Just a brief 3.5 mile "warmup spin" on the trainer to loosen the legs up, get the HR going, and to break a sweat the night before the race.

Sunday: Capitol Forest Revival, Indie Series #2. 13.5 muddy miles of doubletrack and forest road with 2050 feet of vert. Results to follow.

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