There's Money in Dem Dar Hills!

I was riding back from Tolt-MacDonald park last night on my mountain bike and couldn't help but notice a very spiffy silver Ferrari go past in the opposite direction near the intersection of Snoqualmie Parkway and Railroad Road.

"A nice day to be out cruising in something like that." I said to myself.

Not two minutes later, as I was coming up the parkway, a red Dodge Viper SRT goes rolling by with a silver Lamborghini Murcielago right on its tail.

Spring has indeed sprung. My first clue was the birds chirping outside my office window yesterday morning. The second clue was that I was able to ride in shorts yesterday evening and not get cold. But, just as Pennsylvania has its groundhog, we in King County have our own unique way of telling when winter is over -- the common appearance of six-figure exotic vehicles on the roadways.

I couldn't help but think back to one day three years ago. I had just finished washing and waxing my RSX Type-S and it looked awesome. It was silver with the OEM underbody kit, spoiler, dark windows, some nice Konig wheels and lowered. It wasn't riced out and gaudy, but it definitely looked a lot better than the ones on the lot. It was a gorgeous spring day and I had the sunroof open and windows down and was out cruising. Not a mile from home, a guy pulls up next to me at a red light in a periwinkle Ferrari. Never in my life had my ego been deflated so quickly.


Maarten said...

Good thing you've reinvested your ego in your fitness. ;-)

Back in my road riding days, I was out riding in Snohomish county when a small posse of Porsche owners came through on their weekend spin through the countryside. Their cars quickly stopped being impressive when one of them saw the need to buzz a few riders in our group.

It amazes me how much money people are willing to invest in their cars. For MS millionaires, I can see it. But there are *so* many nice cars around here that some people must be sinking substantial chunks of their salary into them.

Doug Walsh said...

I'll choose to ignore that first comment. ;-)

I prefer to think of my ego as just a mere expression of my excitement for biking... LOL!

As for getting buzzed... at least they didn't throw a can of Busch Light at you. That was a weekly occurence in North Carolina. I don't miss that at all.