Yahoo Madness

So we all know the NCAA basketball tournament is in full swing. It's the middle of the second weekend and, if you stand in the same place long enough, there's a good chance a complete stranger will ask you how your bracket is doing.

I paid about 5 minutes worth of attention to NCAA basketball this season -- the 5 minutes I spent filling out a bracket on thirty minutes before tipoff of the first game. My "research" constituted trying to think back to the discussions I half-paid attention to on Around the Horn and Pardon the Interruption.

The first two days of the tournament didn't go too well for my bracket. The right side was in dire straits, or so it seemed.

Flash ahead to today. My correctly predicting UCLA and Ohio State to reach the Final Four gave my bracket a bump in the standings. A big bump. I actually leap-frogged over 443,395 other people's brackets to land in the 84th percentile. I'm still only ranked 313,444 out of God knows how many people but I'm pretty happy with that, especially since my other two Final Four picks (Florida and UNC) are both still alive and heavy favorites for tomorrow's games.

Oh, and the lightbulb in my head just went on -- I'm in the 84th percentile and ranked 313,444? That means at least 1.9 million brackets were created on Yahoo. Wow, that's a helluva lot of people vying for nothing but bragging rights.

Yeah... 84th percentile beyotch! Suck on that!

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