Worms - XBLA

I'm super busy with work and can't write much today, but I just want to say that I downloaded Worms on Xbox Live Arcade yesterday and am a believer. I've never played the Worms franchise before -- I know, I can't believe it either -- but now I have and I'm completely hooked. The game is both easy to learn, incredibly fun, challenging, and can be played in short spurts (that is, if you can tear yourself away from the whole "just one more game" factor). Also, for those interested in the Achievements, they seem very fair and also very doable. Most will come with time and through consistent play of the game.

For those who, like me, have never played Worms the game is essentially a turn-based 2D strategy game involving small teams of worms. During each turn you will have one minute to move and attack with whichever worm's turn it is. Worms can jump and squiggle around, but can also use nearly two dozen weapons and accessories ranging from bazookas to shotguns to mine-defusing sheep and jetpacks. Each worm has a set amount of hit points and the battle is over once a team has been eliminated. The environments are completely destructible and wind speed, trajectory, and strength of the attack must be taken into account. It's possible to blow holes through the landscape with missiles or blowtorches, just as it's possible to ricochet a grenade off the surroundings to blow up a well-hidden worm. It's great fun and highly addictive and is just a $10 download. Thumbs up!

Click here to see some screenshots.

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