Oh God Fodder, Where Art Thou?

I've been listening to my old Ned's Atomic Dustbin albums (circa early 1990's) a bunch recently and it's really starting to annoy me that no current bands sound like them. Bands today rip off anything and everything that ever reached the slightest bit of success. Hell, we now have bands imitating bands that set out to imitate other bands. But where are the Ned's sound-alikes?

If you know of any bands that sounds the least bit like Ned's Atomic Dustbin, please email me their names. And if you never listened to the band, head to iTunes and download the "God Fodder" album for $9.99. I personally like the "Am I Normal" album better, but this one's a classic.

Edit: I just noticed that there are some free Ned's Podcasts on iTunes, one of which has a video for a new single. Wow! It's been over a decade since they put anything out. The band isn't completely in tact, but better than nothing.

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