Two More Weeks

Until the Moots is in my possession.

In light of this new development, I'm actually kind of glad that my brother's trip out to the northwest has been postponed till the end of the month. I was hoping to be riding the bike by next week, but I'll take a couple more weeks of waiting if it means my brother will be here to help teach me how to build the bike up myself.

As I've said all along, so long as I have the bike by April and can do a few warmup rides on it before taking it down to Utah to ride the Kokopelli's Trail then I'll be happy.

Oh, and if you should happen to find yourself in the Ti-Cycles shop in Seattle, please don't ask to see my bike before I do. And if you do -- don't -- but if you do, please keep your hands off and under no circumstance should you tell me about it. The Best Man doesn't describe the Bride's dress to the Groom as he waits at the altar... and he certainly doesn't rush outside to squeeze her ass before she makes her way down the aisle.

Just kidding, bro. Sort of.

That said for posterity's sake...

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Eric Floyd said...

I have a feeling the last part was directed at problem..I totally understand..