Course Maps

Snoqualman has requested that I post a map to the Thrilla course I do on Wednesday nights. I'll go one better. I've begun using the GPS tracks I collect and TOPO! software to make a collection of maps that I'm uploading to Flick'r. I haven't had time to add to many yet, but there are a few up there. Also, I need to add cue sheets and/or divide the maps up into pieces so as to get more detail from them. Right now, each map shows the complete route and elevation profile so it's a pretty small scale.

As for the Wednesday night ride, it's called the "Thrilla in Woodinvilla" and anyone can come out to ride it, provided they sign up at so the ride leader (Kevin) knows you're coming. The map that's up for this route is actually the slightly-bastardized CW version which includes Gold Creek Park, an unusual side-trip we took that night. I'll get the "official" map up for it and some other routes in the coming weeks. Right now I just don't have time.

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