She Hasn't Pulled Her Hair Out... Yet.

Kristin just got an email from a very annoying coworker -- the one I've heard her complain about vehemently night after night for four years. The one nearly everybody in the company, for that matter, wouldn't mind seeing hit by a bus. She's the type of coworker who uses her PhD to try and bully those with fewer letters after their name. The type of coworker who insists on controlling everything and anything going on, no matter how outside her realm of responsibility it is. The type of coworker who, despite not being a manager, simply must have two offices. You know the type.

She wrote Kristin tonight asking, very simply, "Can you show me how to turn on Spell Checkers?"


Jackie said...

er, you mean, Ms. PhD is unable to spell correctly???


Criscipline said...

Hmmm, lets get together for a drink in the virtual pub.

Anyway, Kristin might be pulling her hair out but I chopped nine inches off last night. Check my blog tomorrow for the details and some before and after pics.