Why Industry-Only Conventions Are Necessary

If you've been around me during the month of May, you've probably heard me complain about "the public" turning the annual E3 expo (redundant yes, since the 3 E's are Electronics, Entertainment, and Expo but everyone does it) into a putrid cocktail comprised of 2 parts sweat-stink, 3 parts fanboy salivation and 3 parts irrational consternation. And by public, I mean by and large the thousands of gamers who refer to themselves as "gaming journalists". E3 is no more (at least as we once knew it) but those very same journos have dusted off their inability to comprehend the words "Work In Progress" and aimed their deadly pens at the Game Developers Conference, an unto-now conference that has always flown well under the radar.

The Internet was ablaze last week with rapid-fire "articles" about every little comment, announcement, and sidebar convesation made at the show. Not the least of which (and also my favorite) was from one brave, if not retarded, developer who in the middle of a speech commented that Nintendo's Wii console was "a piece of shit". Ahh yes, and we wonder why people think gaming is something only kids do.

Anyway, back to my point. The guys at Penny-Arcade took the gaming press to task with today's excellent comic. I think everyone, no matter what industry you work in, can appreciate what they're getting at.

View the comic here.

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