Snoqualmie Mountain Biking Park

It's been in the works for a while, but it looks like ground breaking is about to begin (or already has) on what will certainly be one of the cooler reasons to live in Snoqualmie.

Follow the link to see the diagrams, illustrations, and proposed routes for current and future phases of the Snoqualmie City Mountain Bike Park. The location for this is less than 1/2 mile from my house and just off a trail I ride at least once or twice a week.

Mental note: donate money to Dirt Corps to help fund this.


E said...

Flagging began about three weeks ago and last road block was cleared two weeks ago. Dirt Moving begins after this coming weekend.

snoqualman said...

Now, if I can only get someone to construct a velodrome out here, but seriously - I had no idea this was happening. I'll have to check it out - thanks for the link!