Call Off the Dogs

Being that I grew up 3000 miles away and don't have any children, I don't really care about high school sports. I have no rooting interests, much like college, only with college it's because our AA football and basketball teams are kept sealed away, far from the public eye. All of this notwithstanding, I do like to read the "Sideline Smitty" column in the Seattle Times each Wednesday. Smitty is obviously a skilled writer who possesses an encyclopedia of knowledge on Washington high school sports and his topics are always interesting -- even if I seldom know where the towns are that he's mentioning.

Today's article was certainly no different.

Did you hear about the 64-0 fast pitch softball game played last week between Woodinville and Franklin? I didn't either, but it happened. Woodinville whipped up something fierce on Franklin and didn't back off until the ballgame was over. 64-0. And the reason it wasn't in last week's paper is because the high school is too embarrassed to report the results. Oh, and Woodinville was the home team so they didn't even get to bat in the 5th inning. Four innings = 64 runs. 18 per. Holy crap!

Read Smitty's comments here and also why he thinks a girl's basketball score of 87-3 that took place in Seattle in 2005 was an even more egregious case of unsportsmanlike conduct.

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