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Introducing the Monster Pod!

It's a 6-oz, slightly dome-shaped, beanbag looking thing that clings to all surfaces and supports most compact digital cameras with it's standard tripod-like mount. And yes the photos show it sticking to a cold piece of wood and stone block wall in mid-winter. Incredible.

From the B&H Photo website:

The Monster Pod is very easy to use; simply fasten your camera to its standard ¼-20 screw thread and attach it to almost any surface - it will stick securely for up to ten minutes (depending on the surface and the angle). Take blur-free, low-light shots without resorting to a flash, or get a picture of yourself with friends without having to ask anyone else to take the shot! When you're done, just peel it right off. The Monster Pod does not leave marks or residue, and its effectiveness is not compromised by dirt. It is not a gel, and will not dry or harden.

The Monster Pod is not a suction cup or a bean bag, it has no clamps or straps, and it will stick where none of these other materials will dare to tread. Gentle pressure gets it to fasten and mold to even irregular surfaces. It has been tested on an impressive range of surfaces: wood, stone, concrete, metal, veneer, glass, tile, enamel, sheet rock, rocks, trees, painted, wet, dry, smooth, rough, flat, rippled, and the list goes on and on. Put it on a fire hydrant, parking meter, kitchen ceiling, canoe, etc. You are limited only by your imagination!

This looks perfect for mountain biking trips, but does cost a pretty hefty $32. You can see the article and pics, including a link to purchase the Monster Pod here.


Criscipline said...

So if you don't get to it within ten minutes will it fall off and result in your camera smashing to the ground? I guess you better just make sure you get to it in time.

I think that's something you should get. You can stick it to a tree and take some cool jump shots.

Maarten said...

Cool! I got one of these at Christmas:

and was impressed how it was a perfect gift for me that I didn't yet know existed. :)

I'm not sure it can quite do the same thing. Naturally, seeing your post, I immediately grabbed the Gorillapod, and looked around the house for a utility pole-shaped object. And saw... well... the cats.

You're thinking, this is going to be goooood.

But alas, you're wrong. :)

I tried the wide part of a spotlight, and I tried my leg. Didn't work all that great on either one. And it's too wet outside to go find a real utility pole. And I'm lazy.

I'll be bringing it out on rides, thuogh.

Doug Walsh said...

Too funny Maarten! I've seen those gorillapods at stores and almost bought it a number of times. They look very effective.

Crispy, I don't think getting back to it in 10 minutes is much of an issue. You typically have about 10 seconds on self-timer anyway, so it's not like I'll be getting terribly far away if I want to be in the pic.

But jump shots? You clearly have my confused with someone else. ;)