Ichiro TV

With apologies to Madden 2006 cover-boy Shaun Alexander, Seattle's only true sports superstar, Mr. Enigma himself, Ichiro, has his own game show in Japan. And why is it not surprising that it consists of him sitting in an empty room with a contestant who he takes turns with in a battle of wits. It's not triva per se, but seems to revolve more around mind association and theory. His competition is always an expert in their field, such as a neuroscientist or fashion designer. Ichiro, in his zeal for the zen-like quote offers up the following:

"The world is filled with different sensibilities," he explains. "There's a sensation that comes from interacting with people outside your normal profession. If you limit yourself just to the sensibilities that are familiar to you, then you can't achieve self-development.

Definitely not your typical ballplayer.

Here's the link to the Seattle Times article.

And here's a link to a video clip of the "Ichiro Versus" show on Youtube.

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