TR Traning: Week #16 Numbers

Total Ride Time: 9:03:06
Total Mileage: 132.5 miles
Total Elevation Gain: 5,628
Total Calories Burned: 9,820
Total Paused Time: 0:15:04

Added a few new stats to the weekly report. The scientist lurking deep inside me is still a data geek and if there's one thing I love about the Edge 305, it's all the wonderful numbers it gives me. And since I'm training with an HR monitor on (haven't begun HR-specific zone workouts yet, but will once my base prep phase is over) I get to see how many calories I'm burning. Or, as I like to say, proof that I can gorge myself on a daily basis.

This week had all the makings of a big one. Nearly all of the riding came in the first three days of the week, then when a friend had to cancel on Thursday I scheduled that day as a rest day not knowing I would end up not riding on Fri and Sat due to work. My second attempt at meeting a potential TR partner from Vancouver also failed, as he had to postpone again. Just as well, as I'm swamped with work and the weather sucks.

This coming week is going to be huge though. I have to finish one book this week and start another that has to be done by 4/9, so I'm going to have to really fine-tune my time management skills. I got night rides scheduled for Tues and Wednesday, a 60+ mile tour on Saturday, then a very hilly all singletrack ride on Sunday planned.

Anyway, that said, I'm psyched about that ratio of paused time to actual ride time. Less than 2 minutes of paused time per hour of riding. Ahhhh... the joys of riding by myself again!

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