Lunch Money

A song called "Chinatown Hustler" just came on my personalized Yahoo Launchcast station. Who sings this funky song, you ask? Why, the Notorious MSG of course!

No, I've never heard of them before, but the song is damn funny. And yes, they all seem to have backgrounds in the take-out restaurant biz so it should come as no surprise that they have songs like "Dim Sum Girl" and "Egg Rollin'". There best titles have to be "Straight Outta Canton" and "F.O.B. For Life". That's fresh off the boat, by the way.

The Notorious MSG
(from left to right: Down-Lo Mein, Hong Kong Fever, the late Funky Buddha)

Head to Wikipedia to read the pretty funny biography for the band.

Or head directly to their site to watch their videos. Good beats, and funny too.

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