Big Boy Wheels

Remember when I said that my new 29er wheels didn't really seem that big? Apparently that all changes when you put the tires on. The power went out for an hour today and while it was out I took out my custom "" wheels and did up the rim tape, mounted the tires (Maxxis Ignitors) and tubes, and installed the brake rotors (185mm on the front, 160mm on the rear) and cogset (Sram PG970).

And then I stood back to admire my handiwork and got a little lightheaded. Wow, those are some big honking wheels! Suddenly, without thinking, something inside me mustered up a nasally emphyzema-tainted voice and bellowed, "Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Come see the amazin' 29er AT THE TACOOOOOMA DOME!" I then of course followed this with a very poor rendition of Tim Allen's stupid grunt from Tool Time.

Boys and their toys.

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