MLB 2K7 - Just Like Real Life

I'm in an online league and just got done playing the first two games as the Mariners against a guy using the Tigers. Not a fair matchup, but I was pitching pretty well and keeping it close.

It was the top of the seventh inning and I was down by 2 and had runners on second and first with no outs. I called the double steal, but wanted to make sure nobody got thrown out so went about performing a sac bunt.

In true Mariners fashion, my sac bunt popped straight into the air to the pitcher who promptly threw to second and then to first for the triple play. Inning over. Momentum lost. I didn't panic though. Jeff Weaver was on the mound and serving up quite a performance (his 12-6 Curveball is nearly as deadly as Halladay's in the game). The top of the 9th comes around and Ichiro grounds out. Beltre hits a homer to left to cut the lead to one with Big Richie due up next. Richie draws the intentional walk, so here I have Ibanez at the plate, with a runner on first in the top of the 9th. He's a lefty facing a lefty but who was I going to bring in to pinch hit? Willie Bloomquist? Rene Rivera? Hell no. Ibanez hit into a game-ending double play.

This game is more realistic than I thought.

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